Students range from 4 to 20 years of age. However, there is no upper age limit. Anybody can dance, right?
Students below 8 years are taught in one batch and students above 8 are taught in a different batch. Usually, students aged 8 and above develop an understanding of the dance & its moves, so all of them are taught together. (And surprisingly, they all get along! That’s what dance does.)
Each batch has around 25 students. We keep small batches so that each student gets individual attention. (We hope all our students become Michael Jackson one day)
There is no specified date as yet. You can join whenever you want to.
It includes dancing & endless fun. We teach four dance forms namely Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz & Bollywood in 3 months.
Fusion is open for every student. If the student is willing to participate, he/she is welcome, no matter if he has been with us for a year or a month.
No, but we do organize workshops for it.
The basic course is for 3 months. Our curriculum is divided into different levels, starting from a beginners level (3 month course) to an advanced level (a year long course). Also, it is up to the student to decide till what level he/she wants to continue to learn. We have students who've been with us from 1 month to over 10 years. Dance is a creative process and so it is a never-ending journey of learning and developing skills.
No. 1 month is not enough for a student to learn all four dance forms in order to perform them properly. (Unless you are Rajnikanth)
Of course! The beginners level at Buskers (3 month course) is suitable for non-dancers or someone with no experience. All you need to do is be confident about yourself and attend the classes daily for a fun dance experience.
Yes. Any form of exercise can help losing weight and dancing is equivalent to exercising. (Have a good eating plan & a passion to lose weight)
Enrollments are done throughout the year at our centers in the evening. We suggest you to call at the center you prefer before going to confirm the timings of enrollment.Carry 2 passport size photographs & the fees for the enrollment.
Yes. A certificate is given to every student for his/her participation.
The aspirant must have a sense of rhythm and a basic knowledge of dance.
The age of the BADC students ranges from 8-23 years.
Entry to the BADC course done via basic screening on the basis of their basic dancing skills. The BADC classes commence from 16th July 2018
The BADC course is taught only at the Tilak Nagar branch and the batch timings are 5:30 PM-7:30 PM.
BADC Show is open for every BADC student if the student is willing to participate.
Yes. The students of the course are given a certificate after the completion of the course.