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About Buskers

Buskers is the oldest and the most renowned dance institute in Jaipur. We believe that dancing is not only a form of exercise but also a skill that builds up confidence and teaches people how to have fun! Having a team of specialized dancers for every dance form, we mold the students’ postures, gestures and dancing skills that add on to their beauty of expression through dance. We emphasize on the correct techniques that enhance the students’ skills & encourage them to use their own creativity for an overall development of the students’ personality.

SINCE 1995

Inhouse Events


Fusion is our annual dance show that is conducted once a year for the students to showcase their immense talent on the stage and take over the applause with pride.


The D’fest is an annual inter-school dance competition where the schools in the city participate in a healthy competition.


The jaw dropping performances of our BADC students are showcased through an event every year.


Buskers has a varied range of courses for every kind of a student. Whether you’re a beginner, a dance enthusiast, or a professional dancer. Which course do you fit into?

Beginner course

The 3-month course at Buskers dance classes is the most basic course for beginners. The dance classes are held at all our branches with different timings for varying ages- from kids to adults.

Intermediate Course

Buskers has proven to be one of the best dance academies in Jaipur to develop dance skills and techniques. The 1 year long intermediate course is designed for the same. It does not require any special training in dance.

BADC Course

Buskers Advanced Dance Course brings forth the most advanced course designed for committed and talented dance students who are considering a professional dance career.

DCB Course

The Diploma in choreography by Buskers course is specially designed for those who want to convert their passion for dance into a career as choreographers including teaching the basics of audio and video editing for the over all development.