Our in house Events



The D’fest is an annual inter-school dance competition where the schools in the city participate in a healthy competition.

The Buskers team encourages and boosts the confidence of the participants as the judges of the competition and the winners get a trophy and a cash prize.

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Fusion is our annual dance show that is conducted once a year for the students to showcase their immense talent on the stage and take over the applause with pride.

Fusion runs back to 1995 and still continues to be a successful event every year. It has given a platform to around 25000 students till now, encouraging & nurturing their potential through positive reinforcement.

Fusion welcomes each student with open arms, whether he/she is a beginner or a professional. We believe in giving a chance to every student because no talent is less. Our motto is ‘Everything is possible if you believe & try’.


#BADC Show

The jaw dropping performances of our BADC students are showcased through an event every year.

Our students put their best efforts and compose the dance performances which would leave you astonished and feeling envious of the energy and enthusiasm that they have.
The BADC show also marks the end of one year of a batch.